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18th October 2018 

What will we be doing?
Counselling and psychotherapy are sometimes called "talking treatments" and this means talking to someone in a private and confidential space. Talking through what concerns you can be healing and clarifying and I work with you to help you understand yourself and your relationships with others.

I use Transactional Analysis (TA) as my main theoretical framework, which includes a cognitive thinking approach. Developing awareness about our thoughts and feelings and the ways we manage can help us make sense of issues including anxiety, stress, depression, bereavement, work problems, self-esteem, relationship issues and identity. Knowing ourselves more fully helps us make choices if that is what we want. This process, over time, can lead to a greater sense of well being and more fulfulling ways of living.

During our work together we might look at things from a new perspective and this is part of self discovery and acceptance. Sometimes it can be useful for us to look at your childhood and how you grew up as our early relationships and ways of being with other people can influence who we are. Looking at our personal history can help us to make sense of what is happening now in our lives. Working together relationally means that as well as talking about difficulties you might be experiencing we may sometimes talk about what is happening between us in our sessions. Working together like this can help us to understand parts of yourself or your life that you have not been able to make sense of.

Our work together is confidential.

How do I start?
Please contact me by telephone or email and we can arrange to meet for a first session. People come to therapy for many different reasons. Some people want to focus on a specific problem or concern for a shorter fixed term (6-12 weeks). Other people may be seeking a space to reflect on their lives and relationships in more detail. When we meet we can discuss what therapeutic approach is right for you.

If we agree to continue working together we will arrange a regular day and time to meet.

Telephone: 07399 019033
Email: [email protected]